Keep Your Child Active and Healthy


1. Increases flexibility
2. Develops balance and increases precision
3. Increases bone density
4. Reduces depression
5. Elevates Spatial Awareness
6. Improves memory
7. Builds core strength
8. Develops problem-solving skills
9. Increases strength
10. Encourages mental and physical discipline
11. Teaches how to overcome fear
12. Develops creativity
13. Enhances fitness
14. Increases Resilience and communication
15. Encourages teamwork and communication
16. Develops rhythm
17. Enhances focus
18. Fosters composure
19. Cultivates listening, observation and learning skills
20. Reduces risk of developing asthma
21. Enhances performance skills
22. Improves evaluation and judgement skills
23. Instills confidence
24. Develops work ethic
25. Improves timing and management
26. Improves literacy
27. Lowers risk
28. Nurtures goal setting
29. Strengthens emotional intelligence skills
30. Encourages a heathy active lifestyle

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Looking for a Sports Facility in Shreveport, LA?

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Sports are a fun way to get your child active. If you're looking for a sports facility where your child can develop their skills, AcroSports and The Fieldhouse have you covered. We offer a wide variety of classes, programs and sports camps in Shreveport, LA. Our experienced coaches can help your child develop their gymnastics or baseball skills.

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We go above and beyond to create a fun, welcoming environment for every child who walks through our doors. You can feel confident signing up your child for one of our activities because...

  • We've been in business for over 30 years
  • We have a team of friendly, experienced and qualified coaches
  • We have experience working with children of all ages


We also offer military discounts and Hero discounts for parents who are firefighters, police officers, and EMTs/EMS. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our sports facility.